Analysis - Strategy - Concept - Training


Large format scans - Support - Logistics


Colour management - Image processing - Film

Complete consulting for
e-commerce solutions

Consulting for optimized viewing conditions for customers

External training courses on request

All scans with a Cruse Scanner – 110 x 220cm (2,42 qm) max. in one scan possible




Real 3D-scans

Groupscans individually for your perfect scan mode


Online Jobtracking on request

Support and consulting during the production process

Storage of large projects

Professional packaging for return shipment

Professional disposal of elements

And much more besides

Color management:



Proofing-service Epson SureColor 7000

Caddon Mulitspectralscan-service. Perfect colours accurate to ten decimal places

Image processing:

Digital restoration and cleaning of surfaces

Creation of perfect texture-layers

Repeating scans / decors and textures

Replacing and exchanging unwanted parts of the motif

Area-generation from scanned elements

Optimization of surface offset e.g. for three-rod-planks

Digital jointing

Special solutions and customized workflows

Photo and video:

Perspective product images

Product images with selective sharpness

Product images with individual surface lighting

Product videos / laid surfaces with and without model

Product videos / laid surfaces in the room