Your Scan-Mode

Did you know that in reproduction with a highend-scanner it is possible to have more than just one scan mode?
Thanks to the tireless cooperation of scanner manufacturers such as Cruse or Metis with customers and service providers, astonishing insights have been gained over the last 10 years into the question of how many different ways it is possible to scan.

What can a high-performance scanner actually perform? Besides the normal scans with light coming from the left and the right side, these scanners offer various structure-modes as well as gloss-scan-modes for reflective or metallic surfaces. Additionally, these scanners can not only generate 2D-scans but also real 3D-scans that can be used for virtual models as well as for 3D-shop applications.

To find the perfect scan mode for your products, we can create a group scan and have the possibility to freely combine the different scans by image stacking to determine the best result in a repeatable way. This combines the desire for perfection with a comprehensible workflow.